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THE NEW MANUFACTURING PLANT IS NOW READY! Details DEA is pleased to announce the opening of its new Manufacturing Plant (which is based in central Italy) focused in meticulous, direct control of the most significant production processes in order to reach 100% control and high grade quality on its products. New skilled-staff has been introduced in DEA Manufacturing Plant: a new Quality Responsible, a new Production Manager and very professional, experienced workers coming from the furniture world. The new division, officially active since May 2014, will grant full control through the different production phases, from the beginning up to the packaging stage; This result will be achieved thanks to the assembly line which allows DEA to produce lots as well as customized products for special orders. Cutting, folding, welding and painting phases have been now fully internalized in the new DEA Manufacturing Plant; this internalization will allow DEA to optimize all manufacturing processes. The aim is to fully check the quality in the different production phases and to have a complete control of all the assembling activities for a perfect result. These improvements will allow DEA a shorter time to market thanks to modern and well organized production facilities. The stock of semi-finished products ready to be assembled will guarantee quick delivery times of all DEA catalogue’s products. We Design your Business!

​DEA recently got a very important order for a big PORSCHE Project in Middle East. The order went to DEA thanks to a very customized project. DEA in fact mixed together – in a unique solution – standard and customized products: the customized products have been expressly produced for the PORSCHE client. The investor appreciated DEA flexibility in proposing unique and prestige solutions as uniqueness and prestige are the values of the Porsche brand itself. In the proposal a few extremely innovative products have been added: these products were asked by the investor , who had a clear idea in mind. DEA gave a shape to his idea. DEA and the client cooperated to build up the result together. We Design your Business!

DEA is proud to present the new tool trolley AR-204.10, high expression of the DEA design. The new tool trolley mod. AR-204.10 has been completely renewed in many aspects, such as the opening system, the bigger loading capacity, the high level materials, the attention to details. Moreover, the range of accessories and optional DEA can grant you, will allow you to have a fully equipped product, which is also very performing. You can now concentrate on your job only, you have DEA next to you!


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